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Gomti Chakra | Gomati Chakra (20mm)

Gomti Chakra | Gomati Chakra (20mm)

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Enhance the spiritual ambiance of your puja room with the divine Gomti Chakra. Crafted from the sacred Gomti River in India, this unique conch-shaped shell is revered for its auspicious energy and powerful symbolism. Each Gomti Chakra is meticulously handpicked and carries the blessings of the divine.


  1. Purify and Energize: Before using the Gomti Chakra for puja, it is recommended to cleanse it by rinsing it with clean water or dipping it in a mixture of water and sacred herbs like holy basil or sandalwood. This process purifies the chakra and prepares it to receive divine energies.

  2. Altar Placement: Find a prominent spot on your puja altar where you can place the Gomti Chakra. Ensure it is positioned with respect, preferably elevated on a sacred cloth or a small stand. This placement honors the spiritual significance of the chakra during the puja.

  3. Invoking Blessings: During the puja, the Gomti Chakra can be used to invoke the blessings of deities or divine beings. Hold the chakra in your hands and offer prayers with utmost devotion and gratitude. Visualize the divine energy flowing from the chakra and permeating your surroundings.

  4. Offering and Prasad: You can also offer flowers, incense, or other traditional puja items to the Gomti Chakra as a sign of reverence. After the puja, distribute the blessed prasad, such as sacred water or sugar, to seek the blessings of the divine.

  5. Protection and Prosperity: The Gomti Chakra is believed to bring protection and prosperity to the worshipper. Keeping it in your home or workplace is considered auspicious. Some people even carry a small Gomti Chakra in their wallet or purse as a symbol of divine blessings and abundance.

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