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Navratan Mala

Navratan Mala

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The Saptraag's Navratan Mala is a sacred accessory adorned with nine different gemstones, each representing a specific celestial body in Vedic astrology. This mala holds immense spiritual significance and is meticulously crafted to bring harmony, balance, and positive energy into the wearer's life.

The Navratan Mala consists of the following gemstones: Ruby (Sun), Pearl (Moon), Red Coral (Mars), Emerald (Mercury), Yellow Sapphire (Jupiter), Diamond (Venus), Blue Sapphire (Saturn), Hessonite Garnet (Rahu), and Cat's Eye Chrysoberyl (Ketu).

Each gemstone in the Navratan Mala holds unique properties and benefits. Collectively, these gemstones create a powerful synergy, enhancing the positive influence of each planet and balancing the energy of the wearer.

The benefits of the Navratan Mala are manifold. It is believed to promote overall well-being, physical health, and mental clarity. The mala harmonizes the energy centers in the body and aligns them with the cosmic energies of the planets, bringing balance and vitality.

Furthermore, the Navratan Mala is known to enhance luck, prosperity, and success in various aspects of life. It helps to attract abundance and opportunities, making it a favored talisman for financial growth and prosperity.

Moreover, the Navratan Mala is believed to have a calming and soothing effect on the mind and emotions. It promotes inner peace, emotional healing, and spiritual growth. The mala helps in relieving stress, anxiety, and mental restlessness.

Additionally, the Navratan Mala is said to enhance intuition, spiritual insight, and connection with higher realms. It aids in meditation practices, deepening the spiritual journey, and expanding consciousness.

The Navratan Mala is also known to act as a protective shield, warding off negative energies and malefic influences. It creates a positive aura around the wearer, safeguarding them from psychic attacks and negative vibrations.

Embrace the transformative power of the Navratan Mala and invite harmony, balance, and positive energy into your life. Allow it to guide you on a path of abundance, prosperity, and spiritual growth. Embrace the celestial energies within and experience the profound blessings and spiritual grace it brings to your life.

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Gaurav Kapoor
Awesome :)

I gifted to my mom,she liked it very much 😊 thanks for Saptraag shopping for the wonderful product