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Deodar Wood Chips

Deodar Wood Chips

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Introducing Saptraag's Deodar Wood Chips for Purifying Hawan Ceremonies and Sacred Fire Offerings. Our meticulously sourced and fragrant deodar wood chips are the perfect accompaniment to elevate your hawan rituals, infusing them with divine energy and spiritual sanctity.

Deodar wood, renowned for its sacred properties, holds a significant place in ancient traditions and rituals. These wood chips, derived from the majestic Deodar trees, possess a distinct aromatic fragrance that ignites a profound sense of tranquility and reverence.

To use the Sacred Embers Deodar Wood Chips for Hawan, follow these steps:

  1. Prepare your sacred fire pit or hawan Kund, ensuring a safe and well-ventilated area for the ceremony.
  2. Arrange the wood chips in a suitable container or sprinkle them around the fire pit, creating a bed of aromatic embers.
  3. Before igniting the sacred fire, offer your prayers and set your intentions, invoking the divine blessings for the hawan ceremony.
  4. Light the fire using traditional methods, ensuring a steady and controlled flame.
  5. As the fire burns, gently place a few deodar wood chips into the flames, allowing them to smolder and release their fragrant smoke.
  6. The aromatic smoke produced by the deodar wood chips will permeate the air, purifying the surroundings and infusing the hawan ceremony with positive vibrations.
  7. Offer your prayers, mantras, and sacred substances into the fire, as guided by your spiritual practice.
  8. The deodar wood chips will continue to release their captivating fragrance, enhancing the spiritual ambiance and connecting you with the divine energies.

Experience the transformative power of Sacred Embers Deodar Wood Chips as they enrich your hawan ceremonies with their aromatic essence. The soothing fragrance of deodar wood uplifts your spirit, creating a serene and sacred environment for your prayers, invocations, and offerings.


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